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Whatever you feed your pet, boost it!

Our range of truly natural, healthy Super Food Boosters & Treats are an easy way to give you pet added variety of super foods & micro nutrients that can make even the best foods even better!

All our products are powered by MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex – a natural blend of componants essential to healthy cells and digestive function to make sure your dog or cat can get the most benefit from their food.

So whether you feed a dry, wet, raw or home made diet give it a little extra boost that your dog or cat will love. 

Product Ranges

We believe that MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex is so important to our pet’s health and longevity it should be an essential part of every diet.

So we have developed a range of fun and tasty products that make it easy for you to add MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex to your pet’s diet every day.

Super Food Treats

Treat your dog a little extra goodness with our grain free treats blended with MaxiCell® and infused with super foods. 


Super Food Shakers

Shake on our tasty organic chicken or fish Food Booster blends to add a variety of super foods & micro nutrients that can make even the best foods even better!


Problem Specific Shakers

For the MaxiCell® benefits of our super food shakers with added functional ingredients for mobility, digestion or anxiety.


Organic Seaweed Sprinkles

MaxiCell® blended with one of the most micronutrient rich super foods, seaweed may also help to keep teeth clean and healthy.

Super Sea

Super Raw Sprinkles

MaxiCell® blended with 8 Organic Super Foods and Organic Inulin to boost the variety of nutrients in raw foods. 


Urban Pet

Organic food booster and air dried treats with CoEnzyme Q10 and a higher concentration of MaxiCell® for pets living an urban life.



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It’s time to start treating your pet to some gut friendly super foods!

A healthy and diverse population of beneficial bacteria in your pet’s intestine can impact everything from nutrient absorption and digestion to metabolic & immune function. Healthy pets need healthy guts! 

Our range of tasty treats and food boosters are all powered by MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex – a unique and natural blend of pure nucleotides, prebiotic and essential micronutrients to feed your pet’s healthy gut.


“Your product “SuperCat” food booster has been a Godsend. I made Fudge up a feed of just a simple pate that he has refused to eat many times, sprinkled it with SuperCat and he scoffed the lot!”

Rogano Ragdolls

“He absolutely loves super puppy – he goes back to his bowl for a last lick to make sure he got every atom!”


“It’s the Cats Whiskers! They all love it, even the fussy one (which is saying something) we will be back with a regular order soon and will recommend it to our friends.


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