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Whatever you feed your pet, wet, dry or raw or homemade, make it better and tastier by boosting it with our tasty food boosters & treats.

Daily Boosters

Whatever you feed your dog or cat – wet, dry, raw or home made – boost it with our tasty range of food boosters powered by MaxiCell Cell Health Complex.

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Canine Problem Solvers

Got a problem with stiff joints? Anxious pup? Loose stools? Try our tasty Food Boosters packed with super functional ingredients to help tackle your doggy issues.

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Meat Free

Add a meat free boost of proactive micronutrients to ANY food with our Organic Scottish Seaweed Sprinkles or SuperRaw Food Booster packed with 8 organic super foods.

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Urban Pet

Our Urban Pet Food Boosters & Treats are blended with free radical fighting MaxiCell & CoEnzyme Q10 to help fight the cell damage of pollution & urban life.

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Whatever you feed your pet, wet, dry or raw, give it a little boost of natural, GMO free super foods & proactive micro nutrients lacking in commercial diets with our tasty food boosters & treats.

100% natural, tasty and full of proactive micronutrients…

“Your product “SuperCat” food booster has been a Godsend. I made Fudge up a feed of just a simple pate that he has refused to eat many times, sprinkled it with SuperCat and he scoffed the lot!”

Rogano Ragdolls

“He absolutely loves super puppy – he goes back to his bowl for a last lick to make sure he got every atom!”


“It’s the Cats Whiskers! They all love it, even the fussy one (which is saying something) we will be back with a regular order soon and will recommend it to our friends.”


All our food boosters & treats are powered by MaxiCell®

All SuperNaturePet products are Powered by MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex, a unique & 100% natural blend of pure nucleotides and other cell supporting, gut strengthening and free radical fighting ingredients to help pets gain the optimal benefit from everything they eat.

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